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Selling your products and services on LowEndTalk is easy. The following rules are in place to protect the members of this community and so we ask that you read the rules completely.

The current list of Low End Talk Administrators:


Banner Advertising on LowEndBox & LowEndTalk

LowEndBox and LowEndTalk are ad supported. Please consider supporting our community by purchasing advertising on our websites. Prices start at just $75/month for a shared spot via BuySellAds.

Provider Tags aka "Patron Provider"

  1. Requesting a Provider Tag must be performed through the LowEndTalk Billing System.
  2. Only Provider Tag holders may create advertising threads in the "Offers" category on LowEndTalk (plus they have all of the benefits available to Host Rep tag holders).
  3. When applying please include your LowEndTalk username, the link to your public company registration in your country of registration, your company number, a link to your website and public WHOIS information.
  4. In order to gain the benefit of advertising your services via threads on LowEndTalk, and to support our platform, Provider Tag holders pay a fee of $100 per six months. Signup for your Provider Tag at our LowEndTalk Billing System.
  5. Additional details about the Provider Tag fee, along with a list of perks for Provider Tag holders, can be found within the announcement thread. Companies that support LowEndBox and LowEndTalk through this fee will gain special recognition by receiving a "Patron Provider" tag on LowEndTalk.

Template for Provider Tag Request
Open a ticket at our LowEndTalk Billing System with the following:

    Provider Tag Request
    LET profile: https://lowendtalk.com/profile/
    Company name:
    Public company registration:
    Company number:
    Website: (WHMCS/billing panel link) 
    Public WHOIS:

Host Rep Tags

  1. Requesting a Host Rep Tag must be submitted through the helpdesk
  2. There is no fee for Host Rep tags
  3. Host Rep tag holders cannot create threads in the "Offers" category
  4. Host Rep tag holders may participate in general conversation, represent their company professionally, and respond to comments and threads that specifically reference their company.
  5. Host Rep tag holders may participate in the LowEndTalk sponsored “Mega Deal” thread(s), such as our Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc, event threads. Host Rep tag holders may post their offers inside the Mega Deal thread.
  6. Host Rep tag holders may reply, with service offers/deals, to user created service request threads within the requests category.
  7. Host Rep tag holders may advertise their company in their signature
  8. Inclusion in the periodic Host Rep Roundup (HR3)

Template for Host Rep Request
Open a ticket at our helpdesk with the following:

    Host Rep Request
    LET profile: https://lowendtalk.com/profile/
    Company name:
    Public company registration:
    Company number:
    Website: (WHMCS/billing panel link) 
    Public WHOIS:

General Offer Thread Rules

  1. You must have a Provider Tag to post offer threads
  2. You are allowed post an offer every 10 days (posts in the "offers" category and the "shared hosting offers" category are on separate timers)
  3. For currency other than USD, it is your responsibility to ensure the equivalent USD price at the time of posting is within the rules.
  4. List the final recurring price after any discounts.
  5. Be informative in your offers. List basic specifications (memory, storage, bandwidth, port speed, virtualisation method) and pricing on a per-plan basis. Data center location and a test IP would be ideal.
  6. List total price per billing period, not just equivalent monthly cost.

VPS Rules

  1. Offer thread rules apply
  2. Only post offers that are under $10/month or equivalent recurring
  3. If you've been in business for less than a year, the maximum billing period allowed is quarterly ($30/quarter). For businesses older than one year the maximum term is three years.

Dedicated Server Rules

  1. Offer thread rules apply
  2. Only post offers that are under $125/month recurring
  3. No setup fees

Shared Hosting Rules

  1. Offer thread rules apply
  2. Shared hosting offers have to go in the "Shared Hosting Offers" sub-forum
  3. Standard shared hosting account price limit of $7/month or equivalent recurring
  4. Shared "reseller" hosting account price limit of $12/month or equivalent recurring

IP Transit & Colocation

  1. There is no price limit rule for colocation or bandwidth/IP transit services at this time.


  1. This part only applies to direct resellers (i.e. "reselling another company's VPS line"), not to people "renting out VPS services on a dedicated server."
  2. If you wish to offer re-sold products/services, contact the staff prior to posting your offer to get permission.
  3. Only cases where choosing you over the original seller is a significant advantage will be considered (access to extra-cheap deals, language barriers, etc).
  4. You must make clear in your offer post that you are a reseller, and who you are reselling.

License Sales Rules

  1. We only allow sales of owned licenses for products where the vendor supports license transfers. Selling an "account" or a login is not allowed. Note that WHMCS disallowed license transfers in October 2020, so selling WHMCS licenses is no longer allowed on LET.

Domain Auctions

  1. Posting domain auctions does not require any special tags.
  2. Maximum starting/reserve price is $7.
  3. Members can only list 1 domain auction thread per 10 days.
  4. You need to have been registered for at least 30 days and have at least 25 non-spammy posts to post a domain auction or to bid in a domain auction.
  5. All domains in the auction must be at least 6 months old.
  6. All bids must be public and made in the domain auction thread.
  7. A deal is a deal. A failure to actually sell/transfer the domains after having offered them on action will have consequences for you at LowEndTalk. A failure to respond or finish the transaction in a decent matter (or at all) as the highest bidder may also have consequences for you at LowEndTalk.
  8. We don't hold any responsibility for potential disputes between two parties. Participating in auctions is at your own risk.
  9. Seller must specify currency (USD, Euros, North Korean won, etc.) and payment terms (PayPal, crypto, etc.) in the auction post. Which payment form(s) to accept are up to the seller and any buyer agrees to pay in that form (so don't win an auction that requires PayPal and then say you don't use PayPal).
  10. Minimum bid increments must be specified, maximum $2
  11. An end date/time must be specified with timezone.

Service Transfers

  1. Posting service transfers do not require any special tags.
  2. Members can only list 1 service transfer thread per 10 days.
  3. You need to have been registered for at least 30 days and have at least 25 non-spammy posts to post a service transfer.
  4. The selling price for the service cannot be more than 2 times the recurring price, or $10, whichever is higher.
  5. The transfer must be allowed by the provider and done in official methods. Transferring the whole account by changing the account information is not allowed.
  6. We don't hold any responsibility for potential disputes between the two parties. Participating in service transfers is at your own risk.

If you do not abide by the above rules, you will receive a warning, your thread might be edited or removed without resetting your offer timer. In some cases, a ban can be applied. Bans can be appealed through the helpdesk only.

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Using a nulled WHMCS (or other nulled billing software) grants you and your company a lifetime ban on LowEndTalk.
  2. You must have valid, public WHOIS info for your domain and/or provide proof of company registration on your website (publicly accessible on the website of your country's commerce authority).
  3. It is not allowed to reply to request threads with "PM me" or "email me" without a Provider tag or Host Rep tag.
  4. If you are found to be misleading customers or using ethically questionable practices that may result in financial loss to customers, your Provider tag will be changed to a Host Rep tag and you will not be able to post offers.
  5. No unsolicited PM's offering services, even if you find a thread that suggests they are looking for a specific thing and you can provide it the offer must be put in public view unless the OP specifically requests PM's.


Anyone (including providers) wishing to offer a giveaway to the community must receive permission from an admin prior to posting. We are generally happy to do so but want to protect the community from scams.

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